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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tired But Still Breathing.. Hahaha..

I have just arrived home. I am so tired. I wish I could easily quit what I love to do, but sadly, I can not. Not, when it is almost the finals, and I have lots of students counting on me for their grades. I am not really complaining about what I am busy with right now. It's just that I hardly have time for myself anymore. I had a three day invitation, and at the last minute, I was not able to go for the three day tour because something came up in school. My boss already allowed me to, but I personally did not go anymore, knowing that I may be neglecting a few of my duties should I push with the trip. It would have been fun. (Sigh) 

Anyway, I am able to search for some store reviews of the shop my cousin told me about. At least today, I had an hour to do something online. But I so miss having so many tabs opened all at once, including all my social media accounts. Now, I am simply left with two. My email, and one very important site. Oh well, I think the weekend can wait. Or should I put it, they all can wait until I open them over the weekend. Thank God it's gonna be Friday tomorrow. On my way home tonight, we passed by a jewellery shop which is quite similar to Poh Heng Jewellery in Singapore. Oh how I miss Singapore. I wish to be back there this summer. I wish to get my luggage which I left at my uncle's house. It is filled with my precious Victoria Secret collection from the VS shop, when we went there. I wonder if they will still be as good as when I bought them.