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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Enjoying Performances

I passed by the community center on my way home this afternoon and I saw some band performing. Two sets of guitarists with Morley Pedals, and a piano,finely played by the pretty pianist who looks quite familiar, plus the usual drummer with the energy of three. I think they are practicing for some performance later as they are already dressed for one. 

I miss performances like concerts and shows. I had plenty of them in my youth. And I savor all experiences and exposures. I wish all people, specially the kids now, will have the same fun as we had back then, without the fear. Parents these days may be too cautious that some kids are not given the opportunity. But then again, there are those who go as stage mothers or fathers where their kids go. 

I should like to think that parents would enjoy watching performances and not just shrug every opportunity for their kids to show their talents and skills.