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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Beach: A Stress Debriefer

Last Saturday, my family were busy moving things from the pad to the new places of dwelling, for me, my sister and Lili, as well as for my parents and 2 siblings. It was quite tough having to wake up early and carrying such heavy load. But we had a brief beach session after our first round of transfer since the house that my parents will be living in temporarily is 10 minutes away from the beach. 

So we stopped to take a dip, and eventually had our breakfast there. I think we spent more than an hour there. The kids had fun, although it is quite evident for my little brother that he is afraid of drowning, and he talks about the water resembling that of the flooding.. for the first time after more than two months, he was able to articulate his experience and fears during the TS Sendong flash flood. Lili on the other hand, is trying so hard to swim. She said that she should learn how to swim so that she will not be afraid when the next flood will happen. That is of course a great opportunity for debriefing the two.. I believe that kids need to be debriefed every now and then, as the trauma must be faced head on in order to be liberated and for the survivor to fully recover. 

Now, every weekend will be a beach debriefing session with my family. It will also be a bonding session and a swimming lesson day for the two..

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