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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Gift Ideas for the Inspiring Chef in Your Life

When you've got someone in your life who loves to cook, give them some wonderfully inspiring gifts to make sure that they love to cook for you! With the holiday season rolling around, there are some wonderful choices available for the chef in your life.

Spice Sample Packs
Head to your local spice shop or online specialty shop to purchase some spices for your chef. Bring some variety to your chef’s repertoire by throwing fun spices like sumac, real Hungarian paprika or pink peppercorns at him. For example, if your chef loves Asian food, you can’t go wrong with powdered lemongrass, anise and five spice.

Every chef knows that no matter how neat you are, kitchens are messy places. Give your chef an apron that keeps her covered from the sauce splatters and the flour spills. While you can get plenty of cheap aprons at department stores, check out culinary shops for aprons that have maximum coverage and which are extremely sturdy as well.

Knife-Sharpening Certificate
Whether meat or veggies, your chef does plenty of cutting, and a dull knife just won’t do. Good knives are expensive, and many chefs are particular about the knives that they use anyway. Hand him a knife-sharpening gift certificate to make sure that his knives are up to any culinary challenge. Knife-sharpeners may operate out of sewing supply stores or they may have stands at farmer’s markets or upper-end grocery stores.

Marble Rolling Pin
When your chef wants to try his hand at pastry, make sure that he has a marble rolling pin at her disposal. A marble rolling pin produces a smooth texture to pastry and the coolness of the stone prevents the dough from becoming overworked. The marble rolling pin also has more weight to it than a wooden rolling pin, allowing the chef to flatten the dough with less work. Marble rolling pins are available at any culinary supply store.

Butter Bell
Plenty of chefs like to keep their butter at room temperature and on the counter, but a cheap butter dish distracts from the look of an attractive counter top. A butter bell holds the butter packed in a bell-shaped container which is then lowered into a container of cold water. This keeps the butter chilled but at room temperature. This item is not common at stores, but it can be ordered online.

Think about how your chef cooks and what his needs are. The best gift for your chef is one that is suited to his needs and to his ambitions for his kitchen.

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