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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Cagayan de Oro City Post Office on Fire..

A few hours ago, my DeMolay bro Titus Velez shouted on FB that the Cagayan de Oro City Post Office was on fire. I asked further and learned that Postal Bank was also included in the fire.What a start of the year 2011. Fire! For two days, Cagayan de Oro had been gloomy and rainy, who could ever expect a fire to happen? Well, fire is worst than a thief in the night. Rain or shine, it comes... I wonder how it all started and how everything was handled. I wasn't there. I am here in our very home, blogging and making money online. Whew...
 Judging from the photos taken by John Thomas Obnial, a friend of Titus who gave a link of his photos in that same shout-out comment thread, where I learned this information, the firefighters of Cagayan de Oro City have taken care of the problem..
I am sure we will all hear about this fire on the news tomorrow morning. And perhaps some debates about some facts that may be of interest to some, and concerns to others. 

It may be an extended vacation for all employees at the post office. And, I fear for some packages that I am supposed to receive this week. Hopefully they are not shipped yet as I do not want them burned. Whew..  They are products I have ordered online as well as items/products from the US, Australia and Canada that are set for review..

The Cagayan de Oro City Post Office has long been in that spot for ages, maybe it's high time they move to a better location, and a better building that is air-conditioned, lol.. Seriously,  if the government can find a budget, I am sure a new building will rise soon. On the other hand, with technology and all, maybe we should just have a computerized system for package deliveries like that of Singpost in Singapore where a singular office is found in every locality with mobile delivery staff . Imagine, it will make lives better and deliveries cheaper. But then again, we go back to the question of "the budget".. Ouch!

Will keep myself posted for updates about this fire.. and will share further on this post later..


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